Golden Home Care Products

Healthy Home care - for a Cleaner Home and a Cleaner planet
"GREEN" Our 100% biodegradable formulas are 100% earth-friendly. No toxic fumes, no harsh chemicals!

  • Green, qt


    Green, qt

    Green is a remarkable liquid cleaning concentrate that thoroughly, yet gently, dissolves dirt. Its neutral pH makes it the ideal personal care cleanser. It's perfect for every member of the family; safe for washing, showering or bathing. You use it like...

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  • LDC, 1 liter


    LDC, 1 liter

    LDC is the mildest, most versatile household cleaner available today. It can be used to wash dishes, hand-washable lingerie, sweaters, kitchen counters, stove tops, refrigerators, and many other soiled surfaces. The key to LDC's powerful cleansing action...

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  • Super 10, 1 liter


    Super 10, 1 liter

    The most powerful cleaning product, industrial strength Super 10, penetrates, dissolves and emulsifies even the toughest grit and grime. It?s perfect for industrial use, yet safe in the home. Super 10 makes all your cleaning chores easier, yet it?s...

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