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Foaming Gel Cleanser 2, 5 fl. oz

Serial Number: 3910
Manufacturer Name: Nutriance


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Foaming Gel Cleanser 2 (for combination to oily skin) is infused with selected herbal botanicals to help restore an ideal lipid-to-moisture balance. Mild foam makes this Gel ideal for shaving. Skin feels touchable ? soft, smooth and firm. Both Cleansers deliver extracts of Green Tea and Echinacea, known for their antioxidant and immune-boosting properties.

Three carefully selected mild cleansing agents thoroughly cleanse oily-to-combination skin without stripping essential moisture.

Helps restore an ideal lipid-to-moisture balance
and helps shrink the appearance of pores with a unique combination of botanical extracts: witch hazel, tormentil, white oak bark, and sage.

Delivers green tea and echinacea extracts
for antioxidant and immune support.

First step of the Nutriance Synergy Cycle
for oily-to-combination skin. Leaves skin feeling clean and responsive.

Oil-free, free-rinsing.

Helps maintain a normal skin surface pH.

Clinically-proven performance,
verified by Europe??s most prestigious dermato-logical research facility.

Subtle fragrance virtually disappears upon application.
Will not conflict with your favorite cologne or perfume.
Apply over face and throat in an upward, circular motion. Add water and work into a lather. Rinse off or remove with a warm, wet facial cloth. Follow with Purifying Facial Scrub or Balancing Toner 2.

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