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Lecithin, 130 softgels

Serial Number: 3540
Manufacturer Name: GNLD-NeoLife


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Lecithin contains high concentrations of two nutrients - phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl inositol - which support primary brain functions. GNLD's Lecithin provides these critical phospholipid "building blocks" necessary for optimum functioning of cells and nerve tissue.
Phosphatidyl choline supports key brain functions including memory and muscle control and assists fat metabolism in the liver and throughout the bloodstream. Phosphatidyl inositol supports nerve cell structure and nerve impulse transmission.*
100% natural, high-purity lecithin, from soybeans.
High potency: 175 mg of choline and 100 mg of inositol in each serving.
A product of GNLD lipid research; quality from the people who know lipids.
100% biologically-active inositol. Exclusively contains "myo-inositol," the only active form.
Added magnesium, wheat germ oil, and natural vitamin E help boost nutrient potency, improve stability, and prevent oxidation.
SUGGESTED USE: 2 capsules daily.
Advisories and Precautions
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Packaged with safety seal.

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