3 Day Detox

Hit The Reset Button!


The Healthy Body Dextox is the perfect way to help you reset your body. Whether you're starting a weight loss or fitness program, select NeoLife nutritionals can help you take the first step to achieving your goals!

DAY 1 & DAY 2  


  • Take a NeoLax, Garlic Allium Complex, and Betagard as directed on their labels, along with 12 to 16 oz of warm liquid such as chamomile tea.
  • Eat only fresh fruits & vegetables (raw or lightly steamed) throughout the day. No Bananas or commercial fruit juice.
  • Try to drink 16 oz of tea or water every 1-2 hours. Coffee without sugar or dairy is acceptable.
  • Before bed, repeat NeoLax and Garlic Allium as directed.



  • Begin the day with Acidophilus Plus as directed to re-establish healthy intestinal flora with probiotics.
  • Continue consuming liquids and now add high quality protein, such as NeoLifeShake. Repeat for lunch also.
  • For dinner eat a healthy, low fat, high protein meal. For example, a grilled salmon filet or chicken breast, along with some raw or steamed greens like spinach or broccoli. Include a quarter cup of low fat cottage cheese to round things out.
  • Before bed repeat Acidophilus Plus as directed, and continue to repeat for the following 4 days while also returning to a healthy, low-fat, high- fiber diet.

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